Ancona Chicken – Everything You Need To Know

Ancona chicken

Photo credit: Daphne Cybele

In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about the Ancona Chicken. This chicken originally originated in Italy. Specifically, in the Marche region. However, currently you would find a lot of them in Britain and the United States where they are popular. The Ancona chicken is named after the Ancona city which is the capital of Marche.

Ancona Chicken Profile

Breed Purpose Eggs
Egg Color White
Egg Size Large
Egg Productivity (per year) 280
Origin Italy
Temperament Flighty, Noisy, Shy, Restless
Broodiness Seldom
Comb Type Single or rose
Breed Size Large Fowl
Breed Color Beetle green tipped with white

More About the Ancona Chicken

The Ancona chicken were first imported into England in 1851. And in 1888 reaches America, Where it was first recognised by the Poultry Association in 1898 (single comb). The Rose comb bird was first seen in 1914.

One thing to note about the Ancona chicken is they are loyal when it comes to laying eggs. They are very productive when it comes to producing consistent white eggs. You can get about 280 eggs out of them a year and can usually lay in the winter months too.

Feedback from Owners

  • One owner says that the Ancona chicken is a little noisy, however it really is a beautiful bird.
  • Another owner says that they are beautiful roosters than can be docile, they are also very gentle. However, the downside is that they can be flighty. If you frighten them don’t be surprised if they run for miles!
  • Another owners says that it is a good all-round chicken with a pretty color however, as stated already they are known to be flighty.
  • Another owner says he has 2 ancona chickens. He says that they are currently 16 weeks old and he is simply waiting on their eggs. So far, they have been friendly and don’t mind sitting on his lap for petting.

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