Araucana Chicken – Everything You Need To Know

In this post we will be discussing the Araucana chicken, a rare breed that always leaves an impression! Araucana chicken was first known to be from Chile. They get their name from the Araucanía region of Chile where they are believed to have originated. It is one of the few breeds that lay blue eggs. They were first seen in Europe at the World Poultry Congress of 1921 in Netherlands. They are rumpless birds which gives them an advantage in the wild since predators found it difficult to catch them. The chicken is considered dual purpose, it is bred for both eggs and meat.


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Araucana Chicken Profile

Breed Purpose Dual Purpose
Egg Color Blue
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity (per year) 156
Origin Chile
Temperament Friendly, Flighty, Very Active, Quiet, Bears Confinement Well
Broodiness Broody
Comb Type Pea
Breed Size Medium
Breed Color Black

A Brief History

Although the early history of Araucana chicken isn’t documented, they were found in South America in the early twentieth century. Many of them were located with the Mapuche people in Chile. Specifically, the Araucanía region, this is where they get their name.

The blue eggs of this chicken were seen in 1933, since these chickens had the “oocyan gene” and it was dominant in respect to white. Several theories have been used to try and explain where the blue egg originated from however we don’t have anything solid.

Araucana Chicken Video

As you can see Araucana chickens have a different look to them. However, when it comes to their personality, they are not that different from other breeds. They are fast growers and mature pretty quickly. They do lean towards broodiness which makes them great mothers.

Araucana Chicken – Feedback From Owners

Here we’ve compiled some feedback from actual owners of the Araucana chicken which you may find useful.

  • One owner says she has had this chicken for over 12 years and she absolutely loves them. She says that they are very friendly and if you call on them they do come to you pretty quickly!
  • Another owner says that he only has 2 Araucanas, they are mature, and when he looks at them he finds that they do usually keep to themselves which means they don’t get bullied.
  • Another owner says that she finds Araucana chickens less friendly than other chickens. She says they are beautiful but aloof.

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