4 Best Chicken Harnesses You Can Buy

In this post we list the 4 best chicken harnesses you can buy. Have you always dreamed of being able to take your chicken for a walk? It may sound unusual, but many owners now support the idea. Harnesses are an excellent way for chickens to get fresh air and exercise without the risk of letting them roam freely. They are also ideal for small gardens, where chickens may not have enough space to get the exercise or stimulation that they need.

Oddly enough, people have found that chickens can become trained to walk quite happily on a leash. However, it’s important to find a harness that will keep them safe. There aren’t many on the market, but the ones that are out there get excellent reviews. Here are four of the best!

Best Chicken Harnesses (Chicken Leash)

1. AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and Leash

The Parrot University’s AVIATOR harness has a formidable reputation as being the best bird harness on the market. Their range of knitted harnesses use a unique patented welding process that does away with stitching. For your chicken, this means no uncomfortable threads. It also means no belts and buckles for your chicken to peck at.

Unlike most harnesses, which make use of a D-ring, the AVIATOR leash is welded directly into the fabric. If you’ve ever tried to walk a chicken before, you’ll know why that’s a sensible idea: birds can be magnificent escape artists.

The harness comes with a DVD to train you how to walk your chicken safely. The DVD also explains how to fit the harness in a way that is comfortable. This is important, as chickens can hurt themselves if they pull, and a badly fitting harness can damage both feathers and wings.

Opt for the XXL size for most chickens, although extensive sizing guides are available. The Parrot University will also make harnesses to order, which is especially useful if you have unusual breeds or want to walk larger birds, such as geese.

2. Hamilton Adjustable Hen Soft Mesh Chicken Harness

Made from durable nylon, this adjustable harness is designed for a snug, secure fit. Aimed at preventing your chicken from wriggling free, the nylon makes for a comfortable harness that holds hens safely. It can also be popped into the washing machine after use.

The Hamilton remains a popular choice, and has earned a reputation for being reliable and dependable.

Large sizes are available for roosters and ducks, and matching six-foot leads can be purchased separately. Most chickens will take a medium, but check the sizing guides, as a medium will be too large for small breeds such as Bantams.

3. VALHOMA 765 Mesh Harness, Hot Pink

Winner of the 2015 Global Pet Expo ‘Most Outrageous New Pet Products Award’, this lightweight harness leaves plenty of breathing room for hens to flutter their feathers. Its vibrant hot-pink mesh fabric will certainly turn heads, whilst its sleek design makes this harness a winner in the style stakes.

This harness is available in sizes extra-small through to medium. The harness itself is adjustable, meaning that an extensive range of hens is catered for.

The VALHOMA is washable, although hand-washing is recommended. This makes it more suited to occasional use, as the pink will show any marks. However, it’s a harness that’s bursting with fun, and is more elegant than many of its competitors.

VALHOMA do the same product in a few other colours, but this one has made our list because it’s by far the most popular.

4. Hen Holster Wrap Style Bandana Bird Diaper

This snuggly heavy-duty wrap diaper is a popular choice amongst chicken-walking enthusiasts. Unlike other harnesses, this wraps securely around the hen’s tail, resulting in a comfortable fit. An added bonus of opting for a diaper based harness is that you don’t have to worry about the potential for any accidents on your walk, which is perfect for the times that you and your chicken want to rest your feet over a coffee.

Fully washable and quick-drying, this wrap is designed for frequent use. Its original purpose was to allow chickens to live indoors, but many chicken-lovers use the harness for a variety of uses simply due to its clever design. It includes a removable waterproof liner, which can also be washed with ease.

The Bandana Bird Diaper is arguably one of the best designs for chickens that have a habit of sneaking out of their harnesses, as the wrap adjusts easily to suit different shapes and sizes of bird. This has made it a firm favourite amongst enthusiasts.

Closing Thoughts

Many people develop very fond relationships with their chickens. As such, it’s no surprise that the idea of taking your hen out on a leash is becoming a thing. Check out how to use them safely, and you could be in for lots of feathery fun!

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