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Free Range Chicken Farming Manual

This book is essential to anyone who wants to start a free-range chicken farming business and doesn’t know where to start. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this book has chapters that are basics and others that are more advanced.

This book covers the following chapters

  • Free-range poultry keeping
  • Free-range chicken production systems
  • Free-range breed selection
  • Getting started with free-range poultry farming
  • Chick placement and brooding
  • Feeding free range chickens
  • Free range poultry disease control
  • Biosecurity
  • Vaccines and vaccination
  • Poultry disease diagnosis
  • Housing
  • Marketing free-range chickens
  • Record keeping
  • Chicken processing

Why Free Range Chicken Farming?

With many major supermarkets now showing an increase in free-range poultry products, the free-range chicken farming industry is thriving.

The opportunity to produce clean and healthy poultry products in a humane way using the best quality standards appeals to many new producers. Good free range chicken farming practices ensure that consumers get exactly what is advertised while producers are able to get certification and a bigger market for their products.

Best practices for free-range chicken farming ensures farmers are able to bring in poultry that is stress-free, drug-free, antibiotic-free also animal by-products free. It is the best value proposition to an increasingly apprehensive consumer market that is increasingly worried about the health impact of factory farmed chickens and processed foods.

The Free Range Chicken Farming Manual is a farming companion for the farmer that wants to venture into healthy and ethical free range poultry farming in the country.

Free Range Chicken Farming Manual