New Hampshire Chicken – Everything You Need To Know

The New Hampshire Chicken was named after its place of origin. This beautiful breed of chicken is bred for meat as well as egg production. It thrives in an open range, but they can also be bred in a closed range. These beautiful birds are aggressive in getting food, and the hens are good mothers. These are placid chicken that is easily tamed. The eggs produced are large-sized and brown in color. New Hampshire Chicken mature fast and their feathers grow fast as well. If you are looking for a chicken that can tolerate all climatic conditions, these chicken are your best bet.

New Hampshire Chicken – Profile

Breed Purpose Dual Purpose
Egg Color Brown
Egg Size Large
Egg Productivity (per year) 280
Origin US
Comb Type Single Comb
Skin Color Yellow


This breed of chicken was developed in Rhodes island in 1910. New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station selected the breed because of its specialized traits. The chicken was admitted to the standard of perfection in 1935. New Hampshire has made significant contributions to the egg production industry. The rapid growth, as well as the early maturity of these chicken, enables them to contribute to the broiler industry.

They have been popular for meat and egg production since the 1930s.
The nice plump carcass and large sized eggs of New Hampshire Chicken make them an attractive breed of chicken. Under intensive management, these chicken can produce up to 240 eggs annually. Their persistent production makes them suitable for commercial use.

New Hampshire Chicken can also be used for show purposes because they harbor different personalities. Aside from being friendly, their birds are also intelligent and aggressive. They eat a lot which contributes to their fast growth, and they are not too noisy.


They tend to be hardy and docile in the winter and are not aggressive towards humans. Because New Hampshire Chicken are friendly birds, they are easy to tame. These chicken are not good fliers, so the fence to the range doesn’t have to be high. They thrive in a free as well as a close range.

New Hampshire Chicken are heritage poultry breeds that lay beautiful eggs. The mid-scale meat production of these chicken makes them desirable for the meat production industry. Some of their desirable features include;

• Early feathering
• Fast growth
• Early maturity
• Large eggs
• Vigor and hardiness
• Good meat conformation

Egg Laying and Broodiness

These dual production chicken are a rare breed from New Hampshire state in the New England Region. They are purposely bred from meat as well as egg production. The eggs have dark brown shells and large sized. The birds have deep and broad bodies covered with reddish buff feathers.

The hens are prone to go broody, and they turn out to be good mothers. The chicken has single combs, and the females have combs that loop over. The medium to the red color of the feathers fades when the chicken is in the sunlight. These chicken are medium to large sized with the cocks weighing 7.5-8 pounds while the hens weigh 5.5-6.5 pounds. Their weight makes them excellent for meat production. The toes and shanks of there chicken are rich yellows in color, and the wattles and earlobes are red in color.


New Hampshire Chicken is a beautiful bred of chicken that produces both meat and eggs. The eggs are brown and large-sized while the meat has good conformation. They are suitable for anyone looking for a chicken that can produce both eggs and chicken. You are not restricted from breeding them based on your geographical location because they can withstand any climatic condition.

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