Selling A Poultry Farm in South Africa

Planning to sell your poultry farm or general farm in South Africa? We have received a few inquiries from buyers who are interested in buying commercial farming properties in South Africa. On two or three occasions in the past, we also received inquiries from commercial farmers looking for buyers.

Poultry Farm for Sale in South Africa: List Your Farm Today

Poultry Farm for Sale in South Africa: List Your Farm Today

We are now interested in actively marketing farms for sale in South Africa and connecting buyers and sellers through popular agribusiness portal. If you are selling your poultry farm, we are interested in profiling your business on our website so that we can put you on the shop fronts for potential buyers to easily find and get in touch with you.

Selling Your Poultry Farm: List it Here Today

Selling Your Poultry Farm: List it Here Today

While our focus is on poultry farms for sale in South Africa, we also accept profiles of other kinds of commercial farms including grazing, ranches, irrigation, equine, lifestyle and everything in between.

So for both buyers as well as sellers who simply like to browse through properties before making the decision, we would love to help and give you greater choice as well as visibility so that you can find the best commercial farm investments in South Africa. For buyers, we give you the exposure and visibility that helps you find buyers relatively quickly. As the most popular poultry portal in South Africa, you can be sure we will get lots of eyeballs to your commercial farm property to help you close the sale quickly.

Our website has extensive local and international visibility. Over 80% of our traffic is from South Africa so you can always be sure that you are reaching the relevant target market when you list your farms for sale on our website.

We can also promote your commercial farm property on our e-newsletter which has more than 800 subscribers so as to get you greater visibility and drive more potential buyers to your property.

To have your property listed on our website, send us a brief profile of your commercial property including photos, videos and a boundary map of your farm property. All property listings are 100% free. You can, however, enhance the visibility of your listings and get priority placement on our website and e-newsletter by paying a small fee.

With more than 20,000 visits per month and a large mailing list that includes diverse contacts in South Africa, your listing on our website is guaranteed to capture attention. Get in touch today and get your property listed now!

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