Poultry Housing Experts in South Africa

At face value, poultry housing construction may seem like a fairly simple undertaking that does not require any technical skills or specifications. In reality, however, poultry housing construction is a fairly complex process and there are various technical specifications that you need to follow in order to create an optimal production environment.

Working with a professional poultry housing expert also assures you of quality housing with guaranteed longevity. Good poultry housing must have the right orientation, good ventilation built with sufficient space to suit the stocking density and must be well insulated. If you will be installing automation systems such as pan feeding systems, then you will definitely need the right expert to help you string this along.

Most of the South African poultry housing solutions providers generally work with big clients for large-scale poultry production projects. Though there are some that can also handle small-scale poultry production projects.

Top Poultry Housing Providers in South Africa


C-Lines is a global poultry housing solutions provider with a presence in South Africa, Nigeria and much of Asia. The company specializes in the construction of highly sophisticated poultry housing using the latest innovative technologies and equipment. C-Lines is mostly involved in the major poultry production projects, usually involving large steel structure and the design and construction of pre-fabricated farm buildings.

C Lines Commercial Poultry Housing Structures

C Lines Commercial Poultry Housing Structures

They do 100% galvanized steel structures and do not use timber. This gives their structures incredible durability. The buildings are carefully designed and optimized for upkeep and efficient management. We recommend C-Lines for large-scale steel commercial poultry housing structures.

Unit 1 – 29 Golden Drive
Benoni 1501
Tel : +27 (0) 11 425 0876

Jansen Poultry Equipment

Based in the Netherlands but with a strong presence in South Africa, Jansen Poultry Equipment offers top quality poultry housing solutions for the local market. Some of the projects that it is involved in include breeder systems, boiler systems, layer systems and emission reduction systems that include manure handling, air scrubbers, and heat exchangers.

Website: http://www.jpe.org/en/

Jansen Poultry Equipment Contact Details

Harselaarseweg 32
3771 MB Barneveld
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)342 427 000
fax: +31 (0)342 427 001
KvK: 080 77 863


The GSI Group SA

The company is generally known for its poultry house automation solutions but it also has a poultry housing construction service through its GSI Arch Span Structures. These state-of-the-art and sophisticated poultry steel structures have over the years revolutionized the building, storage as well as crop protection in Africa. They carry out cost-effective and efficient steel structures development on site. The structures are strong and highly durable and will last for decades. The structures are also highly customizable to meet unique customer specifications or requirements.

Arch Span Structures

Arch Span Structures

Contact Info:
Website: http://gsiafrica.co.za/
Telephone: +27 11 794 4455
Fax: +27 11 794 4515
Email: sales@gsiafrica.co.za

Dynamic Automation

We associate Dynamic Automation mostly with its poultry equipment but the company also specializes in the construction of poultry houses across South Africa, mostly the steel structures. Its steel structures are made and painted on its factory floors before being transported to the installation site. This allows for a very efficient and time-saving poultry house installation on site. All the holes and brackets where the steel structures will be installed are pre-drilled and welded so as to accommodate ventilation equipment, bird proofing, and flashing.

Dynamic Automation Steel Structures

Dynamic Automation Steel Structures

Dynamic Automation has built a reputation for high-quality standards and utilizes the highest quality materials in all its structures. Due to the volumes that it handles, the company is also able to offer a very cost-efficient service.  Usually, the lead time is less than two weeks. The steel structures come with standard widths of 7m, 9m, 12m, and 15m.

Website: http://www.dynamicautomation.co.za/home.htm

Tel: +27 31 736 2071
Fax: +27 31 736 2201

Head Office:
P O Box 99, Hammarsdale, 3700, KZN, South Africa,
Tel: +27 31 736 2071
Fax: +27 31 736 2201

Prime Contractors

The company specializes in steel structures for poultry and pig houses. They offer a comprehensive service when it comes to the construction of poultry housing including civil, structural, roofing and cladding work. It constructs poultry houses throughout Southern Africa and has also done a few structures outside the African continent. With more than 30 years of experience in delivering durable poultry housing structures, it is one of the biggest players in the industry.

Website: https://www.primecon.co.za

Prime Contractors Poultry Structure

Prime Contractors Poultry Structure

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