Better Technologies for Making Poultry Farming Profitable Business

Go to a restaurant, you are going to find a dizzying variety of chicken dishes that lure customers into the food table. From KFC to resorts and small restaurant, the foodie industry treats chicken as the staple food. And the market is growing and will continue to experience constant growth in coming times. Anyone wants to open up a poultry farm is thinking on the right directions.

Let’s get into the basics of the poultry business; first and foremost thing that you need to run a successful poultry business is proper planning, implementation of technology and enthusiasm. If you are a beginner, then you have to look at the size of farm that you want to establish at the first phase; in fact, you should go for a smaller size farm in the beginning.

Because the birds are prone to diseases, it becomes difficult for the first timers to manage and maintain the firm and keep a check on the mortality rate. Therefore, find a small land and start the farm with a limited number of chicks at the first phase.

Next thing is the finance; although you do not need a large sum of money to start the business, you should have enough money in your business account to ensure smooth farming without financial crunches. In fact, to run a farm commercially, you have to have adequate funds to deploy the technologies that are important for the farming.

The technologies will enable you to run the farm efficiently because chicks are living organism and they need environmental support that they cannot get in a closed room thus the technologies have become important. Let’s look at the list of the technologies that you might need to run the poultry business profitably.

● cooling systems
● Hatcheries
● heating systems
● transport of eggs, chicks, and feed
● control systems
● feed mills
● surveillance systems
● large-capacity grain storages
● lighting systems
● feed storage — silos
● laying nests
● spiral conveyors
● cages and alternative systems
● feeding lines and chain conveyors
● egg collection
● weighing systems for feed and animals
● Incinerators
● ventilation and monitoring systems
● processing of manure and composter systems

The above mentioned are the technologies that you need to enhance the productivity of poultry and keeping it up-to-date and in maintained.
However, it could be a complex process to deploy the technology to create a balanced unit; in addition to technology, you must superlative specialists, livestock experts, feed specialists, genetic and vets including electrical engineers apparently making it a web of professionals interconnected and interdependent.

To deploy the technology, you have to work with a professional organization that can install the equipment and operates effectively. You should involve the organization at the beginning of the farm’s construction.

The specialized organization will inspect the land and conduct the feasibility study before you construct the farm. For beginners, it is advisable to start with small size farm and deploys less technology before you start a full-time farm.

Benefits of Poultry Farming

Poultry farming business has numerous benefits. As a result, many farmers prefer to invest in this business. People generally establish poultry farm for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products. Billions of chickens are being raised throughout the world as a good source of food from their eggs and meat. However, here I am shortly describing the main benefits of poultry farming.

Let’s look at the benefits of poultry farming before you decide to venture into the business; the below mentioned are a few benefits that you can yield by deploying proper strategy and adequate technology.

● You can start the business by investing a relatively small amount of money in the beginning before you learn the tricks of the trade.

● You can start it in your backyard or seek help from your friends and relatives to acquire a land for few months to start the business on a trial basis and running a farm in your own backyard is cost-effective; you can use coops and cages intelligently to maximize the space utilization.

● If you choose to go commercial, then you are likely to get profit in a short span of time because some birds like broilers grow faster and become mature in quick time resulting in profit.

● By installing better technology, you will be able to avoid diseases that tend to curb your profit by killing chicks at the early stage. You can also choose the birds such as turkeys and quails that are less prone to diseases.

● The fresh and nutritious meat has a heavy demand in the market; in fact, nearly everyone on the earth eats chicken; therefore, the demand will never recede to absurd level where you have to rethink your strategy.

● By installing proper technology and employing expert professional, you will be able to produce a substantial amount of money in a quick time because experts and technology can curb the mortality, improve growth of the birds and market the poultry products at the right channels.

● You can generate quick wealth and employment opportunities for the educated mass that are keen on getting into farming as a mainstream career choice.

Almost all the banks offer loans for the poultry farming; hence, the need for financing should not be a problem.
Apart from everything else, you have to have the passion to run the business; so be passionate about the business and care for the farm. Ultimately, with care, love, and passion every business on the planet has grown. And the nature of business as such is all about growth.

So, do not get worried about the profitable factor; in fact, you can generate revenue with help of poultry farming technology. But you should be careful and critical about the whole business and deployment of the technology per se.

Finally, conduct research, do your groundwork before you get into the business. Apparently, a business that stands on perfect ideology would never miss hitting the target; hence, defines your objectives carefully.

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