The Boschveld Chicken – Everything You Need To Know

Why are the Boschveld chickens are a popular choice for farmers planning to practice some free-range chicken farming?  Here are some of the main characteristics of these indigenous free-range birds.

Boschveld Chicken

Credit: Naturally Zimbabwean

Boschveld Chicken

Breed Purpose Meat and Eggs
Egg Size Medium
Egg Productivity 2 eggs every 3 days
Origin South Africa
Temperament Hardy
Broodiness Average
Comb Type Pea Comb
Breed Size Medium
Breed Color Distinctive Red and Brown Color

Everything You Need To Know About Boschveld Chickens

  • They are hardy chicken. They can easily survive and also produce based on what nature offers them as long as you have large spaces and sufficient pasture. You may only supplement their feeds a little bit in order to add some nutrients which they might be missing. You will only need to carry out a little maintenance on these free-range chicken in order for you to boost your production.
  • They can withstand varied climatic conditions in South Africa and keep producing well if you take them in the free range conditions.
  • Due to the hardiness in the chicken which is inbred, they are able to withstand a variety of poultry illnesses. They are not going to cost you as much as the broilers in disease management.
  • The Boschveld cocks are generally are very strong and also aggressive. Their conformation is almost noble. The Boschveld hens are equally strong and also very fertile. With the improvements in the breeds through interbreeding with various indigenous breeds in South Africa. You can now get an egg production of as many 240 eggs per year with a fraction of the investments in management and feeding. Due to this, they generally produce very healthy offspring that will grow very well.
  • They will begin producing the eggs from week 20.
  • You do not really need to construct very expensive housing for the free range chicken. There are plenty of innovative housing models that you could adopt for the free range and some can be quite cheap. You only need to use the locally available materials in order to construct a very steady and conducive housing for your free-range chicken breeds.

Boschveld Chickens Video

Based on the nutritional levels that you apply, your chickens could be ready for slaughter in as little as 12 weeks! You will produce very good quality meat with more muscles and less fat and which has a very good flavor.

The free-range meat is always of a better quality and tastier than the meat from some of those chickens which have been reared in heavily commercialized and less humane conditions. The important tip is to follow the ethical, clean and healthy farming model that gives the bird the freedom to grow and feed naturally. Learn more about these techniques from our free range farming manual.

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