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Araucana Chickens 0

Araucana Chicken

In this post we will be discussing the Araucana chicken, a rare breed that always leaves an impression! Araucana chicken was first known to be from Chile. They get their name from the Araucanía...

Poultry Farms in Western Cape 1

Poultry Farms in Western Cape

Poultry farming is an integral part of Western Cape’s diversified agricultural industry. The province has various poultry farms and medium scale poultry integrators. Another poultry niche that is fast taking root is that free-range...

Poultry Housing Experts in South Africa 4

Poultry Housing Experts in South Africa

At face value, poultry housing construction may seem like a fairly simple undertaking that does not require any technical skills or specifications. In reality, however, poultry housing construction is a fairly complex process and...

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