4 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Free Range Chickens

Buying free range or organic poultry products is very likely going to cost you a little more in the supermarket tills but the health benefits of eating free range chickens may well be worth it! Chickens are some of the most consumed products in the market and a good source of white meat and proteins. If there was a better place to spend your healthy eating budget, it is in the free range or organic poultry products. But are there health benefits of going free range on your diet or is this just hype? Let us look at some of the proven benefits you get by incorporating free range in your diet:

Fewer toxins in your diet

Whether pasture-fed or grain fed, one of the advantages of eating free range is that there is less risk that you are going to have toxins in your diet. The commercially produced chickens, placed under various stresses such as high stocking densities, generally require a lot of antibiotics and various other drugs in order to maintain production levels at optimal rates.

Free Chickens: A Healthier Option

Free Chickens: A Healthier Option

Too much antibiotic use in the commercial meat chicken production systems may lead to trace amounts of these antibiotics and chemicals finding their way to your table and your body. This could even be leading to antibiotic resistance in some people who eat a lot of chicken produced under these conditions. If you have an unethical farm using growth hormones in their chickens and these find their way into the human system, there is no telling how damage they could cause. In the past, growth hormones were found to cause cancer which led to their wholesale ban more than four decades ago in some countries. But why take the risk? Eat free chickens that have been reared (not produced) in a model best practice farm where these practices are unheard of and you will be assured of toxin-free poultry products that do not put you at any particular health risk.

Less fat

When reared under model conditions with lower stocking densities such as 1500 chickens per hectare or less, and where the chickens are allowed to roam, forage, feed on pasture and get exposed to the sunshine, the chicken develop more muscle and less fat. Your free-range chickens will not shrink when cooked and you only need to add a little fat when cooking them.

Free range means less fat and more muscle in the meat

Free range means less fat and more muscle in the meat

With the leaner cuts from the chicken muscles, you are able to get a very healthy source of protein in your diet. Additionally, more muscle and less fat in the chicken will also speed up the cooking time allowing you to prepare your healthy meal in a relatively short period of time.

Unforgettable Flavours!

You have probably heard of this numerous times before. Free range chickens or organic chickens truly taste like chicken!

Free range chickens are delicious!

Free range chickens are delicious!

When the chicken is produced in a free range condition where it has good access to the range, pasture, grubs and insects and where it is able to exercise its natural tendencies as freely as possible, the result is a poultry product with very complex flavors. A lot of diners are generally able to tell if you are serving them organic chicken because they taste different-like chicken is truly supposed to taste.

Healthier free range eggs

Chicken raised under free-range conditions also produce healthier eggs and that is why they fetch a premium in the market! According to tests by Mother Earth News, the free-range eggs contain a third less cholesterol, a quarter less saturated fat, two thirds more vitamins, twice as much omega-3 fatty acids, thrice as much Vitamin E and seven times as much beta carotene over those produced in the battery cage system.

Free range yolk versus caged bird yolk color

Can you spot the difference? Free-range yolk versus caged bird yolk color

More Vitamin D

The huge health benefit of eating two free range eggs every day: Additionally, the free eggs contain four to six times more Vitamin D than eggs produced in the battery cage systems! The importance of Vitamin D for your body cannot be underestimated and if you would like to get it from a healthier source apart from the sunshine, start eating lots of free range eggs by reputable free range farms in South Africa with proven best practices in their free range models.

Free range eggs are rich in Vitamin D

Free range eggs are rich in Vitamin D

According to Mother Earth News, eating two scrambled free-range eggs every day will give you anywhere between 63% and 125% more Vitamin D than the recommended daily intake requirement.

There is really no substitute for eating healthy free range chickens!

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