Lohmann Browns – Best Egg Laying Chickens in South Africa

The Lohmann Browns are also excellent layer chickens that you can consider for both commercial egg production in the cages and in a free-range environment or even in a barn type environment.  They are the best egg laying chickens in South Africa. They offer excellent laying performance for many farmers with their characteristically large brown eggs which are popular with buyers in South Africa.

Best Laying Hens In South Africa

Lohmann Brown Chicken

Lohmann Brown Chicken

You can expect up to 320 eggs per year from the Lohmann Browns under optimal rearing conditions. Their eggs are heavier than those of the Lohmann Silvers with an average weight of between 63.5g and 64.4g. The Lohmann Browns are also perfect for free-range poultry rearing environment or other alternative management systems for egg-laying poultry.

Overview of the Lohmann Browns

They do very well in small spaces such as gardens and backyards. They are a perfect choice for a backyard chicken farming or free-range chicken rearing system. The chicken has a friendly temperament and is also highly adaptable. It is known for its large and brown eggs and has excellent laying rate of more than 300 eggs per year. The Lohmann Browns also have a long life expectancy of up to 10 years.

The Lohmann Browns, like the Lohmann Silvers, were developed in Germany. It is generally a preferred choice for many commercial farms due to the good egg quality, a high level of adaptability as well as its production efficiency. Unlike other commercial layers, the Lohmann Browns will start laying eggs much earlier. They can begin laying as early as 14 weeks compared to 20-24 weeks for other commercial egg layers.

Appearance: They have an orange-brown plumage which can contain some cream specks. The chicken is medium sized and with a long neck and shorter tail feathers. Below is a picture of a typical Lohmann Brown layer chicken:

Lohmann Brown Chickens in South Africa

Lohmann Brown Chickens in South Africa

The Personality of the chicken: Lohmann Browns are generally considered the best option for backyard chicken egg production or free range egg production thanks to their excellent temperament.  They are very hardy chicken, excellent layers and friendly thus good to have around kids. The chicken’s temperament is docile and friendly.

Thanks to their ease of management as well as great production characteristics, they are ideal for first time free rangers. You can get them out of the brooders at 4-6 weeks so that they can begin foraging in the range.

Lohmann Egg Production Characteristics

Age at 50% Production 150-160 days
Peak production 92%-94%

No of eggs per hen housed

To 72 weeks of age 311-316 eggs
To 80 weeks of age 353-358 eggs
To 85 weeks of age 378-383 eggs

Average egg weight

To 72 weeks of age 63.0-64.0g
To 80 weeks of age 63.5-64.5g
To 85 weeks of age 64.0-65.0g

Egg characteristics

Shell color Attractive brown
Shell breaking strength >40N

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