Best Egg Laying Chickens in South Africa

There are various egg laying breeds or hybrids available for South African farmers and many of these are highly prolific layers that can guarantee you very high returns. The main egg laying breeds/hybrids in South Africa include the following:

  • Lohmann Silver
  • Lohmann Browns
  • Hyline Browns
  • Hyline Silver Browns
  • Amber Link
  • ISA Brown Layers
  • New Hampshire
  • Black Australorps
  • Red Island Rhodes

In South Africa, it is the Hylines and the Lohmann which account for the bulk of the egg production. In this post, we look at the characteristics of the Lohmann Silvers.

Lohmann Silver

The Lohmann Silvers can be distinguished by their feathering which is predominantly white as shown in the image below.

Lohmann Silver Chicken

Lohmann Silver Chicken

They produce mostly uniform brown eggs although the eggs they produce tend to have a lower weight than those of the Lohmann Browns. The Lohmann Silvers will lay anywhere between 295 to 305 eggs per year. They generally produce eggs with an average weight of between 61.6g and 62.5g.

Here is a summary of the Lohmann Silver characteristics:-

Lohmann Egg Production Characteristics

Age at 50% Production 140-150 days
Peak production 93%-95%

No of eggs per hen housed

To 72 weeks of age 310-315 eggs
To 80 weeks of age 343-348 eggs
To 85 weeks of age 367-372 eggs

Average egg weight

To 72 weeks of age 61.0-62.0g
To 80 weeks of age 61.5-62.5g
To 85 weeks of age 61.5-62.5g

Egg characteristics

Shell color Attractive brown
Shell breaking strength >40N

The body weight of the Lohmann Silvers varies from 1.68 to 1.73Kg at 20 weeks. At the end of lay, the body weight is anywhere from 1.98Kg to 2.20Kg.

In the next post, we will look at the characteristics of the Lohmann Brown layers, another prolific South African egg layer.

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