Where to Buy Point of Lay Chickens in South Africa

Whether you are looking for indigenous layers, free-range chicken layers, organic chicken layers or commercial layers, there are multiple points where you can source your chickens in Western Cape. In this post, we will list the best places you can buy point of lay chickens in South Africa.

Point Of Lay Chickens For Sale

Alzu Eggs

Website http://www.alzu.co.za/
Contact +27 13 249 8922
Description Alzu eggs supply healthy layer hens. These hens have been raised in an environmentally controlled condition, and in a semi-free range environment. The company Aluzu eggs are in fact one of the main suppliers of hens in South Africa. They specialize in free range egg layers and commercial point of lay chickens. You can contact them for supplies of Dekalb Chickens, Amberlink chickens, and Hyline chickens. The free range chickens by Alzu Eggs have been raised in a free range environment so the transition to your free-range farm should be easy.


Website http://www.hoender.co.za
Address Plot 137, Bashewa AH, Pretoria East, 0056
Hours Open 8 am – 5 pm Mon- Thur, Fri – 8 am to 4 pm, Sun – 9 am to 5 pm
Contact immarais@yahoo.com,
Description They sell point of lay chickens such as the Potch Koekoek, the Black Australorps, and the Rhode Island Red chickens. They also sell day old chickens of the same.

Parks Paddocks Layer Farm

Description This is a recently established layer farm where you can also source point of lay pullets. It has a hen capacity of 54,000 and produces millions of eggs annually. You can go here for free-range eggs suppliers. Inquire about a point of lay pullets.

Hazelmere Pullet Rearing

Website http://www.mkhombe.co.za/
Description This poultry farm is made up of brooding houses as well as eight pullet rearing houses. Once the chicks in the brooder are five weeks old, they will be moved to the pullet rearing house until they are 18 weeks old. At this stage, they are subsequently sold to other farmers or transferred to a laying farm in Impangele.

Rugare Bird Farm

Website www.rugarebirdfarm.co.za
Address Vaalfontein, Vanderbijlpark
Contact info@rugare.co.za, You can also call 0798936383 or 0834603813
Description You can get point of lay larger fowl breeds here such as the Brahma chickens and Orpingtons.

Jingos Pty Ltd

Website www.alexdumisanimakhaye.com
Address Vaalfontein, Vanderbijlpark
Contact 0715473225, PO Box 275,Himeville 325
Description A farm plan to practice mixed farming business.Chicken is the best source of quick cash.For that we chose Hyline brilers and pulletts. As business expands ,we will venture into other forms of stock keeping for business.

Oudewerf Braaikuikens

Website None
Address Windsorton Northern Cape
Contact oudewerf01@gmail.com
Description We have our own abatoir and slaughter approx 6000 birds per week. We can also sell off live birds 8000 per week.

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52 Responses

  1. chuma says:

    im looking for point of lay chickens im in the eastern cape id like delivery but cn also come if need be.

  2. Tebogo says:

    I’m in daveyton I m looking for chicken layers, we’re can I brought it around Gauteng,I want to start this businesses

  3. given says:

    Tebogo from daveyton email me at natalden.holdings@gmail.com then will take it from there

  4. victor says:

    hello I’m in tembisa and will really like to start a poultry project.my problem is where to find point of lay hans and laying mash.
    please guys help me with available email /website for suppliers

  5. Victoria says:

    I am looking for the laying chickens, the one that will start laying

  6. Victoria says:

    I had bought the laying cage, so I am looking for the laying chickens, where can I get them to start my business. Kinds regards.

  7. Paul says:

    I am paul staying in attredgeville l am looking for where i can buy chicken layers around pretoria l need about 25 chicken layers for now

  8. Siphesihle says:

    Hi I am at Soweto Johannesburg, I am looking for a chicken layer and mash I want to start that business, please help

  9. meene putsoa says:

    I want one thousand layer hen and I ‘m in Lesotho how can get it?. pls help me

  10. meene putsoa says:

    Hi I I am Meene in maseru Lesotho i am looking for chicken layer to start pls help

  11. Sweetness says:

    Good day,i am residing in Cape town but would like to buy egg layers,already laying,i am looking at buying 100 and i am ready as in yesterday.

  12. Manoko says:

    Please assist I 200 layers at point of lay

  13. Manoko says:

    Please assis located in Pretoria looking fo 200 layers point of lay

  14. ralph says:

    I am in limpopo looking for egg laying hens about 300 help at lorraine village sekororo Trichardtsdal

  15. meshack says:

    I’m meshack in makhado where can I get a chicken layers around here

  16. PHILLIMON says:


  17. collen says:

    Hie I looking for laying hens in Cape town please help me

  18. Peter Oosthuizen says:

    Good evening. I stay in Harrismith on a small property which I can put a small coup. Looking +- 20 egg laying chickens. THANKS

  19. Siphosethu says:

    Hi,where can i get ready to lay point of layers in Port Elizabeth,Eastern Cape

  20. Elliot says:

    Hi I’m Elliot Luvuno looking for Egg laying chicken total of 1050 November or December plz send me Quotation

  21. Charles says:

    I would like to start with 50 egg laying chickens on De Deur, where is the nearest point of sale?

  22. Calvin Nsimbine says:

    My name is Calvin Nsimbine i live in Giyani, Lipompo i would like to be assisted in getting egg layin hens either in Limpopo or gauteng i an willing to start with 100

  23. Joel says:

    I need one or two month s layer hens,based in kzn.

  24. Meshack MD kick start Poultry says:

    If u are around Limpopo call me for pullets 0711537013

  25. Piet Mosia says:

    I’m looking to start small chicken farm i got small plot im for help please thanks

  26. Hi I’m Wiseman, and I am staying in Pietermaritzburg, I need 30 point of layers immediately to reach the demand of my customers please.

  27. minah says:

    I’m in Lesotho I’m looking for point of lay

  28. Heidi Sinden says:

    Please assist…Live near Griekwastad, need brown or silver brown point of lay hyline chicks on the farm, where can I buy from or order from

  29. moshe says:

    Hi there, I want to start an egg business, where can I get egg laying chickens, coops and training, I am based in Limpopo province, Tzaneen.

  30. Oteng Lydia Letlotse says:


    I am based in Mahalapye in the Central District of Botswana. I want to 300 point of lay chickens. Where can I find them in Limpopo Province

  31. Phatutshedzo Mudau says:

    i live in Musina and looking for point of lay chickens. where can I find them? will be grateful if they do deliveries also.

  32. Daisy Mashaba says:

    I live in Endicott, near Springs, I am looking for point of lay free range chickens,where can I find them

  33. Joseph says:

    Good day, I am in walkerville. Would love to buy 50 point of lay chicken. please let me know nearby sellers or delivery.

  34. Tebogo says:

    Am living in lebowakgomo outside polokwane,Am looking for about 200 laying hens,ready to lay eggs.please help me to find them.

  35. Jotham Ramakonye says:

    Hi I am in Soweto I would like start small business in chicken laying eggs. where can I buy chickens and a cage?

  36. bongani says:

    Hi I look for farm or a place dat sell eggs cheap,I live in Soweto,I want to buy in bulk to sell,my name is bongani

  37. D. Koortzen says:

    Want to buy either Lohman Brown or Hy-Line point of lay in the western cape area

  38. Christopher says:

    Hi there i am in Bonnievale in the WC, i have a farm and would like to start producing eggs only, can you point me in the right direction please locally to me. Thnaks Chris chris@haycock.co.za

  39. Lusanda Ba8 says:

    Goodday I am in Eastern Cape and looking for a day òld hyline hens abt 500 of them…

  40. Precious says:

    Good day,I am Precious,in Pretoria.i am looking for point of lay hens as soon as possible. you can email, chimusisip@gmail.com

  41. Maphaye Molapo says:

    Hi im in mpumalanga l, Graskop looking for chickens laying eggs i want to start a business

  42. Ledile says:

    Hi m in limpopo polokwane locking for laying chickens wanna start small business please help me whr to get them

  43. themba says:

    I am at bhamshela near Tongaat kzn very interest to chicks lay eggs

  44. Hollick says:

    Am Hollick am looking for point of chickens in Limpopo.Can you please help

  45. Paul says:

    HI all please keep in mind if you like to do free range there is only one way of doing it start with the right chickens (Potch Koekoek, the Black Australorps, and the Rhode Island Red chickens) they are expensive around R250 to R300 a hen and R350 to R450 a rooster chicks one week old at a reputably supplier will cost you around R15 to R25 per chick so make your sums as this is not cheap to start and very hard to find them in high quantity

  46. myra says:

    Im wanting to buy about 1000 free range point of lay chicken at around R50 each. I live in Nqamakwe in the district of Mnquma in the Eastern Cape.

  47. Matsie Frank Mosemeng says:

    how can I place my order for egg laying hens?072 552 0257

  48. Thando says:

    Hi, I’m looking for 3 to 4 months point of layer please help

  49. Santos moises says:

    Can you please send me a product catalogue for all materials to use on eggs and Chicks production please

  50. baja ringan says:

    looking for chickens laying eggs i want to start a business egge to king country.

  51. Bryan says:

    Thank you for the terrific post

  52. Tanya says:

    Hi , I am based in Greytown and I am looking for 6- 8 laying hens approx. 21 weeks old if possible as well as i cock. I would prefer Australorp or Buff but am quite happy if they are Koekkoek or Rhode Island Red.

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