Hyline Browns – Best Free Range Egg Layers in South Africa

Hyline Browns: South Africa's Egg Machines. Perfectly suited for free range conditions.

Hyline Browns: South Africa’s Egg Machines. Perfectly suited for free range conditions.

If you are planning to establish a free egg production operation in South Africa, then this is the best breed to choose. It is South Africa’s egg machine and ideally suited for the free range conditions. These chickens are supplied by Hyline International which is also responsible for the Hyline Silver Browns. However, it is the Hyline Browns which are most preferred for free range egg production in South Africa.

There are many reasons which make this hybrid is ideally suited for many South African free range poultry farmers. It is a fairly hardy bird that has a long life expectancy. It is a highly prolific brown egg layer that can produce more than 355 eggs over a laying duration of over 80 weeks. Generally, hens that lay so many eggs tend to have a shorter life expectancy but that is not the case with the Hyline Brown. Besides, raising the hens in a free range or pastured conditions relieves much of the stress that the birds typically experience in the battery cage systems and this, too, contributes to their longer life expectancy.

Their large brown eggs are quite popular with many buyers in South Africa. If you are raising this bird in a free range condition, you are still going to get excellent financial returns. You will get large brown eggs which are both healthy and nutritious.

You do not have to worry about adding replacement pullets sooner as the birds live longer lives. The Hyline Browns also have a ery good temperament which is perfect for a free range farm where there are lots of kids.

During the first few weeks after you have introduced the replacement pullets, you can expect the eggs to be smaller. These kinds of eggs are generally called the pullet eggs. As the hens increase in size, so will be the eggs. With time, they will begin producing those lovely brown or caramel colored eggs that make you buy eggs in the supermarkets. Besides, the eggs also have rich golden yolks.

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