Poultry Farms in Western Cape

Poultry farming is an integral part of Western Cape’s diversified agricultural industry. The province has various poultry farms and medium scale poultry integrators. Another poultry niche that is fast taking root is that free-range and organic poultry farming in the Western Cape province. Here is a look at some of the main poultry farms in Western Cape

Poultry Farms in Western Cape

Eikenhof Poultry Farms

Eikenhof Poultry Farms specializes mainly in the production of free-range eggs. The poultry company was South Africa’s first most significant commercial egg producer to move towards 100% free range egg production. It supplies mostly Woolworths which is its anchor customer. Ever since the company has endeavored to lead the way in sustainable and ethical poultry production in South Africa.

Eikenhof Poultry Farms

Eikenhof Poultry Farms

The Eikenhof Poultry Farms roam freely during the day and sleep freely in spacious chicken barns. The production facilities are managed expertly, are clean and well maintained. The farm has more than 200,000 chickens that produce over 50 million eggs annually. With this kind of capacity, the farm currently produces more than 25% of the free eggs produced in South Africa making it a central player in South Africa’s gradual transition into sustainable poultry farming practices.

Red Barn Free Range Chicken

Based in George in Western Cape, Red Barn Free Range Chicken does a very good job at raising free-range chickens sustainably. The chickens are allowed to grow freely in spacious environments and the chickens have constant access to plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and natural diets. The Red Barn chickens are raised on pasture and allowed to forage and feed as naturally as possible scratching the soils, eating green plants and all the bugs they can find. The poultry farm is based on George along the Garden Route. You can buy free range chicken eggs as well as lay hens and point of lay hens at Red Barn Free Range Chicken.

Red Barn Free Range Chicken

Red Barn Free Range Chicken

Elgin Free Range Chickens

The company Elgin Free Range Chickens is founded by Jeanne Groenewald in 1997 and has grown to become the premier free range chicken meat brand in South Africa. They are largest independent free range chicken farming operation in South Africa. It is a professionally-run poultry farming operation with state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality standards.


The poultry farm is ISO certified and also holds a Free Range Certification by LTL Auditors and Halaal Certification. They are a major Woolworths supplier.

Rainbow Chicken Factory Shop

Based in Worcester in Western Cape, it is part of the giant RCL group and mainly supplies broiler chicken meat. The poultry company has branches throughout South Africa. You can check out the website at http://www.rainbowchicken.co.za.

Venter Poultry

This is a family-owned business that many supplies day-old broiler chicks to small and medium-sized poultry farms in Western Cape. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for supplying high-quality broiler stock to developing and small poultry farmers in the province.

The company owns a hatchery from which it produces its stock of day-old chicks. On top of its poultry hatching business, the company also supplies various types of poultry equipment such as bulk chick feeders, tube feeders, anti-waste rings, poultry drinkers and many others. You can check out the company’s website here http://www.venterpoultry.co.za.

Lazena Free Range Poultry Farm

As the name suggests, the company specializes in the production of free-range chicken in Western Cape. It is one of the best known free-range poultry producers in WC assuring consumers of high-quality free-range poultry products free of antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants.

Lazena Poultry Farm

Lazena Poultry Farm

Lazena Free Range Poultry is a family owned business at the foot of the Hottentots Holland mountain range in Gordon Bay. It has been around for quite some time having been founded in 1985. Over the years, it has built a fairly impressive product range and cut a niche for itself as a top producer of free-range chickens in South Africa. The company supplies free-range chicken meat including drumsticks, breast fillets, braai packs, thighs, wings and whole chicken. You can check out their website here https://www.lazena.co.za/.

Acorn Poultry

Acorn Poultry is actually based in Eastern Cape, nestled on the foothills of the Lady Slipper Mountain in the Rocklands, Uitenhage. The poultry company manufactures and supplies a variety of whole chicken products as well as numerous value-added poultry products such as chicken schnitzels, chicken wors, chicken patties, chicken wings, drumsticks and many more.

Acorn Poultry Products

Acorn Poultry Products

Acorn Poultry is a small family-run enterprise that upholds very high-quality standards in its operations. Check out the website at http://www.acornpoultry.co.za/. Acorn Poultry is a relatively new entrant into the poultry market, the company has been founded since 2009.  From its humble beginnings, today the company has more than 50 value-added chicken products.

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