Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Producers Association

The Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Producers Association is an association of the free range/road runner chicken producers in Zimbabwe. It is primarily involved in advocacy work for free-range poultry producers.

The association also coordinates the activities of its various members and offers information on markets and certifications for free range chicken farmers in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association (ZFRPPA) is a national association that brings together members from all over the country for the development of the free poultry production sector in the country.

Zimbabwe road runners association

There is also a Zimbabwe Roadrunner Producers Association that was launched in 2015. This may or may not be the Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Producers Association.

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11 Responses

  1. Given Mahachi says:

    Where are you located

  2. Borerwe Cleopatra says:

    am in interested of starting a roadrunner project.based in chiweshe mash Central .am ready to corporate my number 0777092970

  3. S. Mugadagada says:

    Am interested, how can i be in youch with your offices

  4. Challen says:

    How do I become a member

  5. Paradzayi Chinyadza says:

    How do l become a member and where are located?

  6. Anisto Shumba says:

    please how do I become a member

  7. S. Sibanda says:

    flight membership details

  8. Anna Katsande says:

    I am interested in joining the Road Runners Chicken Association

  9. Wilson Wallace says:

    I’m intrested

  10. Chris says:

    i want to be a member and also want some connection to suppliers. number +263784957378

  11. Dr Darlington M Zhakata says:

    your contact details and physical address will be helpfull to would be members

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